Aretha Franklin - July 27, 2011

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aretha franklin jones beach

The "Queen of Soul" is back! Aretha Franklin is scheduled to perform on Wed, July 27. It will be her first area performance since surgery halted her touring schedule last year. Special Guest JD and the Straight Shot Doors.. Franklin’s latest studio album which is Titled “Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love,” will first only be sold at Walmart. The 12-track album, which features first single "How Long I've Waited," is Franklin's first release since 2003.

Last winter, Aretha Franklin had a serious operation, an outpouring of concern and eye-popping media reports. Now, after an all-star tribute at the Grammys and a loving birthday party in New York, Ms. Franklin says she’s in great health and ready for a busy summer. That includes A Woman Falling Out of Love, her first album since 2003, which will be exclusive to Walmart through June 3, when it can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers.

Few performers have ever been so inimitable as the Reverend Al Green, so it's no surprise that the starry young collaborators who join him on his superb new Grammy Award Winning Album "Lay It Down" simply let the man sing in the way he knows best, and make their own contributions fit around his.. Al Green was one of the greatest soul singers of the 70s. His emotive voice crooned some of the greatest love ballads of the decade, particularly during his peak period between 1971-75. His big breakthrough was his third album Al Green Gets Next to You (1971), which included “Tired of Being Alone”.


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