Ke$ha - Aug 20, 2011

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Ke$ha, Miss “Tik Tok” herself, is coming to Jones Beach on Aug. 20, as part of the next leg of her “Get Sleazy” tour – luvingly titled “Get Sleazy” – because, as she says she wants “to get to party with errryone.” Special guests LMFAO & Spank Rock -

“People always think I’m a party girl and that sometimes has a negative connotation,” muses Kesha Sebert, her first name more recognizable when there’s a dollar sign in the middle of it. “But really, the party for me is not about being f*kd up. It’s about enjoying life.” Even as Ke$ha spends her second year of fame touring the world and releasing a remix EP appropriately titled I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance, the mainstream pop star who managed to initially catapult her career with a guest vocal spot on a hip hop track back in 2009 is opting to do things her way in 2011. Plans for her sold out headlining tour are as weird as she wants them to be. “In my live show I perform a human sacrifice ritual every night,” says the Tik Tok singer, as if this is the kind of thing every pop star does on stage. “I also have a giant jumping man-sized penis with balls for feet. And I have costume changes and dancers and diamond-shaped spaceship where all my keyboards, drums and theremin are.”

Says Ke$ha, “My spring tour sold out so fast, which is amazing, but I want to get to party with errryone. If you are part of my family, my cult of rowdy misfits - come join us!!!! So I’m pulling out an ass-ton more glitter with blue lipstick to spare and I’m ready to party with all y’all all summer long. Shit’s gonna be hot as a mofo. Get ready to take it off, go animal and get $leazy! Pimping across America with SPANK ROCK and LMFAO. Miss this and you be missing the biggest dance party of the year!!!!"


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